Edinburgh, Scotland

Brewer Ty travels to Edinburgh, Scotland where he drinks craft beer, sees the home of Harry Potter, climbs a mountain, and stumbles across a

Glasgow, Scotland

Brewer Ty travels by ship and bus to Glasgow, Scotland where he drinks craft beer, goes out drinking with friends from the hostel, and disco

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Brewer Ty heads out to Belfast in Northern Ireland. We took a tour of the Giants Causeway, had some craft beer, and got to meet some awesome

Galway, Ireland

In Galways, Ty gets to drink craft beer, meet new girls, travel to the Cliffs oh Moher and Aran islands, has to deal with roomates having se

Dublin, Ireland

Brewer Ty travels to Dublin, Ireland to drink Guinness and craft beer while listening to live music and eat some amazing food.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Brewer blogger Ty Stevenson takes his love for brewing and craft beer on the road to Amsterdam where he visits the red light district, coffe

Cologne, Germany

In this traveling brewer blog post, Ty meets a homebrewing friend at a craft beer bar pub in Cologne, Germany and drinks Kolsch while explor

Nuremberg, Germany

beer, castles, drunk, carnival, adventures with old marine friends is what you'll find in this blog post

Wurzburg, Germay

Castles, Old breweries, Jager, and lot's of walking around with gorgeous views