Berlin, Germany

I travel to Berlin from Munich drinking tons of craft beer, eating lot's of good food, and seeing some of the most historical monuments

Munich, Germany

Beer, brews, beer halls, german food, good times.

Prague, Czech Republic

You can read about my adventures in Prague, Czech Republic. Clubs, beers, girls. adventure. All pictures are my own

Krakow, Poland

Krokaw, Poland. Beers, Vodka, Castles, Aushwitz, Traditional food.

Brew Age and Beaver Brewing Company

I ended up going to meet with Johannes from Brew Age at 4:30pm on the Tuesday before leaving to Poland. After Brew age Stipe and I was going to meet up with Jason and Wolfgang from Beaver Brewing Company. I didn't know this until I met Johannes, but apparently he is the go to guy for craft beer in Vienna. We got to talking to him and I was very impressed with his knowledge about beer and everything revloving around the beer industry. He definitely knew more about it then I had. He started brewing when he was roughly 18 years old and has now been brewing for over 10 years, homebrewing and pro brewing. He actually was the one to even set up Beaver Brewing's brew system for them. I tried a hone

Vienna, Austria

I was only in Vienna, Austria for one week, but there's a lot that can happen in one week... Liam and I said goodbye to eachother from Venice, Italy where he would be on his merry way to Budapest and I still needed to decided where I would go next. I quickly decided that I wanted to make my way up to Vienna for some reason as it was calling my name. It just so happened that Liam took an unexpected detour in Vienna on his way to Budapest where he ended up staying for 4 nights because it was an awesome city. I took an 8 hour bus ride from Venice to Vienna, passing through 4 different cities and cutting through Slovenia along the way. I arrived in Vienna at 8:30pm on a Wedneday and had to figur

1516 Brewing Company in Vienna, Austria

Going to Austria wasn't in my original plans for traveling, it just happened to come in to my life. I made a random booking for Vienna where just so happened my friend Liam was there to, stopping for a few nights before making his was to Budapest. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to come to Vienna because I have been blessed with the brewing gods and was in contact with 3 different brewers from 3 different breweries here. It just so happened that 1516 Brewing Company basically brews every day and so it was easy for me to come in anytime for a brew. Andreas, the head brewer at 1516, was the one who replied to the email I had sent out asking if I can sit in on a brew/help a little. Liam

Venice, Italy

Sometimes life gives you vodka with those lemons we find on the ground. Take advantage of those times but learn to find peace when you don't get the vodka. The reason I got this little tattoo on my finger is to remind myself that I can't take life so seriously all the time. Learn to laugh in difficult scenarios. After Florence, Italy, my buddy Liam and I made our way up to Venice, Italy, my first water based city I will have ever been to. When I was in Florence, my next step was to go to Bologna, Italy, where they have some of the best food apparently. I started looking at hostels and the price of transportation to get myself from Florence to Bologna. The cheapest hostel that I was able to f