Barcelona to Valencia, Spain

After Anthony and I spent our first 4 nights in Barcelona, where we visited just about all of the "tourist attractions, walked more then we should have, and stumbled across some hidden gems, we had to wake up at 7:30am to make a train ride, 45 min walk away, at 9:30am. Keep in mind that we have been waking up past 10am almost every night since being in Spain, the time change and late night atmosphere here got to us. We pack up our packs and hit the road. At the train station we had our first pastry and cafe de leche. It was bomb. We also saw, what we thought, a police officer who was at the low alert with his shotgun just walking around, not too sketch though! We had to ask a worker how to g

Edge Brewing In Barcelona

If you have been following my journey, you know that I've set foot in Barcelona over the past few days and had plans to go meet up with the head brewer, Riley, over at Edge Brewing in Barcelona. On Tuesday, I walked a good one hour and 45 minutes from the hostel that I was staying at, barely making my way there with no cell reception or wifi, having to understand more Spanish then I know, speaking to a gas station (which are more rare in Spain then USA it seems like) attendant, eventually stumbling upon this door entrance as you see in the picture above at Edge Brewing Barcelona. As we rang the doorbell to enter through the front door of the brewery it looked like it was just a small brewery

First day stepping off US soil

On October 1st, 2017, after having to had get rid of my muse, my half wolfdog Remi, something clicked in my head and decided that nothing else mattered and that I could do anything I want, so I went ahead and booked a plane flight to Barcelona for Jan. 20th 2018. I knew that my roomate, and brewing friend, Anthony, wanted to go to Barcelona as well, so he booked his trip their too for the same day and flight as me. As the dates began to get closer to the departure, it started to get more and more real. My brewing story was about to begin. Three weeks before we left to Spain I had my last day at the brewery, which I had run as the only employee on the payroll over a 9 month span performing th

How I Went From Home-Brewer to Head-Brewer in less then 3 years

Here's is a little story on how I, Ty Stevenson, fast tracked myself in the brewing industry. From not even knowing the main ingredients in beer when I started brewing, to becoming head brewer in less than 3 years. In the middle of 2015, I became the first Stevenson to graduate from a four year college, as well as completed my 6 year commitment in the Marine Corps Reserves at the age of 23. I was always told I had to get a good paying job to buy Ferrari's and mansions and all that stuff ever since I was a little kid ,so I went out and got a job making $30/hr starting two days after I graduated college with my Business Management degree. After commuting an hour each way through terrible Marin