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A.B.S. #10 - Monday Motivation #5 - One Life's Future and Russian River Supplication

In this Monday Motivation episode, I talk about the future of One Life Brewing and what steps I have to take to get there.

This is the first episode back since I went back to California over a month ago to visit family and friends after not having been back almost a year at that point. After seeing most the people I could, and seeing the ill health but love of my family, I was ready to get back and start my brewery/taproom.

It's been a real treat being back with my new girlfriend and luckily enough able to spend almost every time and day with her. Luckily she likes craft beer also!

I received the news of my first grandparent passing away 3 days after I have gotten back to The Netherlands and that put a damper on things, but sadly we were expecting it.

I was having a very difficult time braindumping by myself on what steps I should take in life and where to go from here. I've decided that I came all this way to get a visa in the Netherlands and have set up a business already with a bank account and everything, this would be a good of place as any to start a brewery I said.

I finally came to the realization that I needed to start my brewery/taproom in Haarlem, a cool city close to Amsterdam.

A few days later I had another epiphany that I needed to set up a kickstarted campaign, host a beerfest, and give a lot of my "about to expire" beers from One Life away at the beerfest and give to people for free as incentive to come to the beerfest.

I am now looking for locations to host the beerfest in Amsterdam as well as everything that goes in to planning... Venue, breweries to pour, sale of beer, food, security, permits, marketing, entertainment, logistics...

I am also currently looking for places to set up a brewery as well as a taproom in Haarlem, on top of a place to live. Once I can get a place to rent or buy and is approved to produce beer and sell beer, I'll be off to the races at work setting up and planning the brewery, taproom, team, and marketing.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns about the starting a kickstarter campaign, hosting a beerfest, or really anything, make sure to shoot me an email at

Until next time!


Ty Stevenson

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