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A.B.S. #9 - Monday Motivation #4 - Goals

In this short blog post, I will be writing about the goals each and every one of us has to deploy throughout life to properly achieve that which we desire to achieve through a few examples from my life, others life's, and outside experiences. (Podcast and YouTube episode at bottom of this post).

Goals, by defined by myself, are ideally self generated plans of action that, over the span of a specific time frame, can be accomplished through persistence and willpower to achieve just about anything your heart, mind, and body desire.

Everyone starts their life by setting some sort of goals whether they know it or not. We want to go down that slide as a kid for example. First we have to set the goal to properly go down the slide like all the other little kids. Second, we have to figure out how to accomplish that goal, and in this scenario we have to climb the ladder. Lastly, we have to finish the execution of the goal we originally set out to accomplish.

These goals can range from something extremely small like the above scenario, to something extremely daunting and lengthy like starting the worlds best airline business...

It doesn't matter the size of the goal or the magnitude of it, but rather if you continue to truly desire this goal you set for yourself.

We are so "gotta have it now" mentality as humans these days that if we don't see instant gratification when posting pictures on Instagram, or starting a new YouTube channel, or even when dating, we can barely stick to the goals we set for ourselves.

We can set literally any goal we want for ourselves as long as we're willing to deal with the consequences of our decisions. (Making decisions is a huge leadership trait by the way, practice making more decisions.) Sometimes these consequences may be you want to start a travel guide company. This will most likely make you have to be away from home often making your family and social life more difficult. You may set a goal to make this much money per year but to do that you have to spend more time away from family and friends... There is ALWAYS repercussions to your decisions (Law of Duality). A true leader knows how to recognize his own mistakes and adjust accordingly with the now known information provided.

Goals are integral to the beginning of the manifestation process, Law of Attraction. By making goals you WRITE DOWN your own future... Let that sink in. By writing down your own goals, you begin the manifestation process of your own future... Put it somewhere where you read it EVERYDAY, like bathroom mirror, and fully feel the emotion of you already having that goal which is on your paper. Make tremendous effort to put all your energy in to the manifestation of this goal and you'll eventually achieve it.

To achieve some major goals in life, you may have to dig deep and think outside the box. You may have to start a blog, start filming yourself doing your skill, even though you're shy, or even, god forbid, READ A BOOK to support your advancement on a new path for goal achievements.

Whatever the creative endeavor is that leads you to figuring out for yourself what works best for you, I urge you to pursue it. If anything, you'll have gained knew knowledge from the experience, have more knowledge of how to do it better, or different, for the next try, and you'll probably look back one day and say you're proud of yourself for doing it the harder way.

Not to mention all the cool pieces of content you and your family will be able to look back on one day and know exactly how you were as a human through all your experiences.



Goals are not easily made and even less easily achieved. It takes courage, strength, and tenacity to make and achieve true goals. This is why we have to be very specific with our magic we say with our words and writing. To do this we use whats called, SMART GOALS.

S - The "S" in SMART stands for SPECIFIC. This means we have to define our goals to be as specific as possible.

M - The "M" in SMART stands for MEASURABLE. These goals must be something you can measure.

A - The "A" in SMART stands for ACTIONABLE. Our goals must be something we can take action upon.

R - The "R" in SMART stands for REALISTIC. For our goals to properly manifest, we have to be real. We can't ask for dragons.

T - The "T" in SMART stands for TIMELY. This means we have to set deadlines for our goals to be met.


1. Sell 7 new CD's every month until December 31st, 2020 by selling at farmers markets.

I have until December 31st, 2020 (timely) to sell 7 (measurable) new CD's (specific) every month (realistic) by selling at farmers markets (actionable)

2. I will lose 20 pounds from Jan 1st 2020 to June 1st 2020 by eating a 50% vegetable diet and running for 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

I have 6 months (timely) to lose 20 lbs (specific) by eating a 50% vegetable diet (realistic) and running for 30 minutes a day (measurable), 3 days a week (actionable)


Thank you all so much for reading this blog post about setting goals and I truly hope it inspired at least one of you to set some good goals for the advancement of your life today!

If you found some value in this post, please share with someone who it can also provide some value.


Ty Stevenson

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