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A.B.S. #6 - BEER VLOG #1 - AF Brew, Double IPA DDH Amarillo

In this most recent video blog I created is a YouTube analysis of the beer or podcast which to listen to as you do chores or anything like cooking or driving to work. Maybe you're lucky enough to even have a job that allows you to use headphones while you work, if you are, capitalize on that opportunity to start listening to tons of podcasts and audiobooks! I had a job packaging Ukelel's up in boxes to ship to retail shops and single buyers and I listened 8+ hours a day for 3 months... That's what got me listening to ton's of audiobooks and podcasts now days.

If you want to read how I rate this beer here is my brief analysis. To get a more in depth analysis please watch the video or listen to the podcast. Thank you!

AF Brew - Eat The Dust! DDH Amarillo 8% Untapped - Here

Drank in mid Dec 2019, it was packaged mid April 2019, purchased from Sterks Amsterdam mid Dec 2019

At first glance this beer looked just as good as the first and only other beer of AF Brew's that I've ever had, Oodles of Labradoodles or whatever it was called, about 4 months ago.

The pour was nice, the haze was deep and thick still even after the long packaging date, great carbonation, starting to get a little too carbonated it seems but still good.

I was impressed with the initial pouring of the beer and went in to give it the second analysis. I brought it up to my nose and it had some aroma but nothing extremely tropical or juicy like, as I was expecting, but it was a more stale bitterness, mild piney/dank almost, skunky, but not super bad by anymeans.

Next step was to finally take a sip of the beer. So I put it in my mouth (that's what she said ;]) and noticed it was a very soft mouthfeel that turned fairly carbonated yet juicy. I noticed the beer was faily bitter, not overpowering, but for 8% it was tasting pretty hot, meaning alcoholic. I've had worse, but I do not like tasting the burn in my beers too much.

After I swallowed a couple drinks of the beer I noticed the aftertastes would still linger of stale bitterness a little bit as well as an alcoholic burn.

I had mild tropical notes, dank, piney, and skunky

Overall not a bad beer but I've definitely had better. I should start caring more about the expatriation date on cans as I find that an important factor why this beer and many potential others aren't as good as they should usually be.


I'll continue to try AF Brews beers over the years but I don't know how often I'll be able to do so with the ever-growing craft beer industry as there are so many new competitors coming in year after year. You can easily find great NEIPA's all over the craft beer cultured world now days. You have to be doing consistently GREAT beers and cater to what the market wants, be like water my friend.

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