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Leeds/York, England

I'm going to start out by saying that this will be my third to last beer blog on my Europe beerscapade. Just because this trip is coming to an end doesn't mean that I will be shutting down my blog because I do plan to travel more as the years go on, always trying to brew beer with others and drink the best craft beers around the world all while being a wanderer.

I left Edinburgh last Sunday morning and took a 5.5 hour bus ride to Leeds where I got dropped off at the bus station after making 3 small stops along the way. This was roughly my 20th bus trip since starting my trip so it's nothing crazy for me anymore. It, just like everything else if you do it enough, becomes comfortable the more you do it.

To my amazement, the hostel I booked for four nights in Leeds, called Art Hostel, was a five minute (if that) walk from the bus station. I arrive at the hostel around 3pm, perfect time for checking in.

Everyone was super friendly at the hostel when I entered and I felt welcomed. The staff showed me up to my room which I would be sharing with up to 9 other people for the next for nights. I was on the top of a three bunk bed bed, oh well.

After hopping in the shower I head downstairs and bust out my laptop to write about my experiences in Edinburgh and Glasgow. I wrote for about 3 hours while getting to know a couple of the staff there. It seemed as though the staff made up roughly half of the population of the small hostel!

After doing my share of writing, I take a stroll along the town to familiarize myself with the area.

I stopped at a brewery/taproom called "Tapped" where I met some good people behind the bar who were easy to talk to. I get a pint of one of the guest taps they had which was a NEIPA. It wasn't the best NEIPA I've ever had but it was drinkable. It did however cost me an arm and a leg... 9 pounds... which comes out to almost 15 dollars... Never again. I also ordered a 7 pound pizza which was good but not the best.