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Cambridge, England

It was a fairly short train ride from Leeds to Cambridge! It took roughly 1.5 hours to get from Leeds to some other station where I had to transfer trains. The transfer took ten minutes and then from that train another 45 minutes when I made it in to Cambridge.

I didn't have service so I was trying to figure out logistics with the women I was staying at her apartment through AirBnB. I go to a bar/restaurant where I got a good sandwich and fries with a crappy cask IPA.

This was only 5 minutes away from her apartment. I walk on over there and her neighbor is there waiting for me outside with a cigarette in his mouth. He lets me in her shitty apartment.

I was so displeased with what I saw in this 33 dollar a night apartment. It was a very small, less then a twin, sized blow up mattress in the corner of a small livingroom... That was my bed for the next two nights.

Whatever. I then try to take a shower to quickly find out that their was no shower head... I had to fill up a bucket with water to pour over my body... common man... I left that hell hole to go walk around. I quickly realize that Cambridge was a college and tourist town. It was gorgeous though! The college seems to have taken up the whole area surrounding the river that runs through the city. The colleges were closed to the public which I thought is stupid. They looked gorgeous from the outside though! I did get to walk in briefly as it was mass time and public was allowed during mass.

I wanted to try out a couple "craft beer bars" I had found online and ended up randomly stumbling across one called "The Maypole" which had 2 NEIPA's on tap so I ordered one of each. My phone was almost dead so I just sat there silently drinking my beers as people all around me were in groups talking...

After those two beers I headed to this place called "The Cambridge Brew House" where I ordered a beer.

This place was sorta cool, mediocre beer though so I left after another silent pint. I then grab a Subway footlong before calling it an early night to go back and watch Superbad on her small TV in the shitty/boring living room because I couldn't even watch Netflix due to NO WiFi in the apartment to add to the misery...

I go to bed early as I was tired from the travel and the night before. The next morning I wake up at 8:30am and decide to do some yoga/meditate. I think I tweaked something in my back and it was bothering me for the next few days. I start walking around and go over by the college and randomly stumble across another art museum which I spend roughly an hour in exploring history.

I started walking to the other side of the river and end up seeing the biggest steers just being all friendly and grazing away!

I had to take a few stops on this walk, as I've been having to do lately because my back has been bothering me a lot. I sit across a nice doubletree with the river in front of me.

One of the beer places I wanted to go to was close so I head there, order a half pint of an IPA to go and sit on a ledge where people were eating and drinking.

I finish that beer and go to one other place for some food, but they had none, so I ordered a Guiness instead. I pounded that and buy three beers from a little wine shop who also had a few craft beers. I drink one while sitting down across from Cambridge college with lots of tourists walking by. I then make my way back to the apartment. I grabbed a burrito on the way back. I drink the two remaining beers and eat my burrito and watch part of 2 Guns the movie while letting my food settle.

I then finally head to the dopest small brewery called Calverley's Brewery in Cambridge! They were working on what looked like a 1.75bbl brew system.

I quickly became friends with all three of the workers working there, one of which was one of the owners. I asked one of the guys how profitable it was and he said they made all their money back and paid for most things in one weekend... I was amazed... They don't distribute and they sell all of their beer through the taproom and do minimal marketing. I was in amazement that something that small can be that profitable! If they could do something like that I could too! I had three pints there because their beer was in the top 3 best beers I've tried on my whole Europe trip!

I was feeling pretty tipsy at this point. I headed to a small bar with a big outdoor seating area and order a good IPA where I sit silently drinking again.

I then stopped at a liquor store to grab some Cheetos and corn nuts and another beer.

Finally I stopped at the bar 2 minutes away from my apartment called "The Blue Moon" and had a great NEIPA from The Kernel brewery and got to listen to a little live music.

I was craving a donner kebab so on my walk home I made a detour to grab one.

I made it back to the apartment to scarf down my kebab and also half the bag of corn nuts along with my last can of red ale I had previously bought.

Turns out I was drunk and ended up passing out wit Smokin Aces on the tv and an open bag of corn nuts on the ground... Oh well...

I woke up the next morning several times due to the sun blaring in the living room. I decided to just get up, get out of that hell hole and make my short trip to London.

The next post will be my last guys! Thank you all for reading this and I hope you've enjoyed my posts this long!

Until next time!


Ty Stevenson

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