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Edinburgh, Scotland

I'll start by saying that the city of Edinburgh is one of the more gorgeous cities that I've visited with amazing castles on hills, many breath-taking cathedrals and structures, ginormous graveyards, and awesome shops.

After taking the wrong bus to Edinburgh from Glasgow (one leaves every 15 minutes), I arrived 15 minutes earlier in Edinburgh.

I get to my hostel, called Belford Hostel, which is actually in an old Cathedral! I check in to my hostel and meet my receptionist named Alex who was from Australia who also had a job working at a craft beer bar.

We instantly became friends. I drop my main backpack off in the luggage room of the hostel because I wasn't allowed to check in yet... I grab my smaller backpack, my camera, and my water bottle and take off to go do a little sightseeing. I start heading towards the city center where I was completely in awe when I saw a castle standing on top of a hill in the city center. In the view of the castle was also a cathedral, a big awesome graveyard, and a little valley with tons of gorgeous flowers. I stopped and sat on one of the benches in the little valley just taking in the gorgeous scenery. I continued to walk and felt really awesome as I walked by the main mall area and some Scotch guy all dressed up in traditional outfits was playing the bag pipes.

On my way back to the hostel my phone died and I tried to take a new way home but got a little lost. I ended up finding my way home and checked in to my hostel.

I was the first one in my room until some other people checked in... It was one of the shittiest hostels I have ever stayed in sadly.