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Galway, Ireland

Galway was one of the most awesome cities I have been to since being on my 3 month long trip so far!

I left Dublin on Monday around 11am to head to the Connely train station to talk to the info desk guy there to see if he could re-print the 25 euro train ticket that I had purchased, and accidentally threw away in a public trash-can the day prior, but said he couldn't. He then went to tell me that the only train to go to Galway leaves from a different train station that was 2 miles away.

My train was supposed to leave within 45 minutes so I had to haul ass (with my big backpacks on) to that train station and purchase another ticket. I get there, purchase a new ticket, which was now 40 euros!, to find out that the train wasn't going to be arriving for another hour...