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Cologne, Germany

I had to make my last long trek (7+ hours)from Nuremberg via Flixbus to Cologne where I spent 3 nights exploring the city and drinking some good craft beer with a new friend I had met through Instagram.

The ride from Nuremberg to Cologne was the first trip that I had to sit next to someone the whole time because the bus was completely full of people. It was one of the more uncomfortable experiences I've had on this whole trip but I made it. I got to the bus station in Cologne around 6-7pm and from there I had to walk about 1.5 miles to get to the "hotel" I was staying at. I put "hotel" in quotes because it was the farthest thing from a hotel I've seen yet. It was called M-M King Hotel and it wasn't even close to a motel.

The receptionist was not very helpful, the room was unlocked when he showed me to my roo