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Wurzburg, Germay

When Kyrsten and I left Berlin, we had to start making our way back down towards Munich, where she had her return flight back to California from. About 3-4 hours north west of Munich was a little city called Wurzburg where her dad, who was in the Army in the 80's, was stationed. So naturally we had to go there so she can see, with her own eyes, where her dad had been stationed for 2 years, 30 years prior.

Kyrsten had only booked two nights at an Air BnB in Wurzburg because there was only 1 hostel in the city and it was almost twice as expensive as our normal hostel price.

We get there at about 4pm after hopping on a Flixbus at 8:30am from Berlin. We start walking in towards the more ritzy main part of town, where our Air BnB was located.

We eventually get to the area where the Air BnB was located. We were looking around for the building but couldn't find it. We were in a little alley way with the correct number on the building but the wrong street, with two run down hobos drinking beer on the steps of the entrance... We didn't want to believe that was our place so we walked away after standing and wondering for 10 minutes looking all mysterious with our backpacks on and what not... We sure had some wondering eyes on us. As we were walking around looking for WiFi to contact her Air BnB guy, he shows up, introduced himself, and led us to the building.

It was on the otherside of the hobos thank god! He shows us up to the room where we had our own room, a bathroom, and a kitchen to ourselves. It was pretty nice!

Once we settled in, cleaned up, and got ready, we started walking around the new town to find some food as we were both starving!

On the journey in, we saw a nice looking Mexican food joint so we decided to stop there for food after hesitating because it looked as if no body was there. We walk in with only maybe 3 other couples in the place and tons of free tables. Since we didn't have a reservation so we had to sit in the bar area. We ordered some chips (which were not as good as what my spoiled Californian ass was used to) along with un-spicy salsa, plain guacamole, and really good sour cream dip. I ate most of those as most people who know me know that chips and salsa are my favorite snack.

We also ordered a couple drinks. I got the house margharita (which was apparently a blue drink, making me look girly) and she got some lemonade type thing. During this time the building started filling up with people until there was eventually no more seats! It went from empty to a full house in less than an hour! Amazing! We both finally ordered our meals after having to wave down a server. I got the chili con carne and she got some taco salad thing.

They were both pretty good for being halfway across the world from Mexico. The atmosphere was so awesome in this place it made us want to stay for one more drink. She got the same drink and I got a hurricane. We paid our 60 Euro tab and headed across the street back to our place.

We continued to just hang out the rest of the night in the Air BnB watching a movie.

The next morning we got up fairly early, I did yoga and meditated in the kitchen while Kyrsten got ready to do our only full day of exploring. We left the place at around 11:30am to make our way to go see the Wurzburg castle.

We discovered an awesome little church (as we find everywhere) right next to some more of the "ritzy" part of the city with shops all over and a little farmers market too. This was close to the castle which you had to cross over the river running through the city along "All Saints Bridge" where there was a couple dressed to the T getting their photos taken as an engagement photos gig. That was pretty cool to see!

We make it to the other side of the little bridge and decided that we wanted to make it to the top of the castle. We start going up the right side of the castle and after about 0.75miles, we find an entrance that looks like it will take us to the top of the castle.

We take that entrance and after walking 0.5miles on that path, going uphill, we didn't see one other people. We were curious to if this would lead us to the castle or not, but we persisted on anyways. Along the journey up, there were a lot of little path ways embedded into the side of the castle walls that looked like they led to some secret underground passageways. They were all gated and locked though. After making our way to the top, we started seeing some people so we knew we were getting close to the top.

We crossed a couple passageways and went past a parking lot to eventually end up at the top of the castle with other tourists (not too many) looking at the vintage castle as well. Kyrsten goes in to the little convenience shop in the castle, buys some souvenirs for friends and ends up giving me a small cold bottle of Jager to drink as well. We see an old tower that was dated around 1531 AD along with other old looking structures. We walk around the other side and this is where the great views were!

We take a couple pictures overlooking the whole town of Wurzburg with the majestic river running through the heart of it. It was one of the best views I've seen my whole time in Europe.

The castle just so happened to be close to the Wurzburg Brewery so naturally we have to make our way down the same way we came up, taking a little different path through a small dirt path, seeing the smallest village looking houses until we reached some small staircase we had to go down to get to the Brewery.

We make it there around 2-3pm, sit down and order a beer. I ordered a bock that I actually enjoyed very much! Kyrsten didn't really like German beers too much so she just ordered whatever she could. We were both also very hungry as we had the left over Mexican food from the previous night for breakfast. I ordered something that was like pork chops with brown gravy and some dumplings.

She had schnitzel and fries. We get one more beer. I had a Kellerbier that was recommended by the waiter... I should learn to go with my instincts instead of the waiters because I enjoyed my bock much more then that Kellerbier.

We start walking back to the Air BnB to sort of just hang out and regroup from a long day of walking and exploring.

At 6-7pm we head on down the street to a Thai food restaurant. This place was one of the best restaurants I've been to in Germany. I had red-curry and a Hefeweizen for a total of 10.50 Euros. The food was so good! I was impressed!

After drinking since 2pm, I was getting pretty tired so after the Thai food we went back to the Air BnB, I took a bath, had one more beer, and then hit the bed to watch some Rick and Morty before passing out around 11 pm.

Kyrsten had ordered a Flixbus to Nuremberg, Germany for 1:30 pm and we would arrive there around 3pm. So what did we do from 11am (check out time) you ask! We did the only thing to do on Good Friday in Germany, we went to McDonald's for WiFi and a burger... We hung out there for almost 2 hours.

At least we had a great view of the awesome looking church!

When the time had passed we started walking towards the bus station where we would have to wait 30 minutes as the bus driver had kicked everyone off the bus for his lunch break...

We get on the bus and start making our way to the last city together... Nuremberg.

Thank you for reading this post and make sure to check out all the other posts about my adventures in Europe in my blog here!


Ty Stevenson

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