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Berlin, Germany

Kyrsten and I made our 8 hour long bus ride out to Berlin from Munich. We both slept for a good 5-6 hours out of the 8 hour trip from Munich on the Flixbus. We had to be at the Munich bus station, 3 miles away from our Air BnB, at 8:15am. We got there right at 8:05am after having just missed our first metro earlier that morning. This was her first bus ride in an international country and my first in a double-decker Flixbus.

We arrive in the Berlin bus station, a good 4-6 miles away from our hostel. We hop on the U2 Metro and it takes about 20 exits to get to ours.

We arrive at our hostel (St. Christopher's Hostel) around 6pm. We were unsure at first that it was our hostel because it was attached to a sports bar called Beluchi's. We find the reception desk and then go upstairs to our beds. It was definitely one of the nicer rooms I've stayed in.

We were starving so after cleaning all the travel stench off us, we headed downstairs to the bar/restaurant and ordered a burger and some beers. It was seriously one of the best burgers we both have ever had!!!

We ended up getting about 3 more beers each and then I switched over to jack and coke before meeting two German guys that we became friends with.

They showed us a beer hall, that was an extension of the original Haufbrauhaus out in Munich that we had visited earlier. We each ordered a liter of beer as the DJ played good music and people were dancing up on the tables and up on stage. At about 1:30am, we eventually went our separate ways to live another day.