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Munich, Germany

Munich was the only spot on my whole journey that I had a set time and date to be in. On March 21st, 2018 I had to be thereto meet my friend Kyrsten at the airport where she would be traveling around Germany with me for a total of 2 weeks.

I arrived in Munich 3 nights before she did. I stayed at a hostel called "Jager's Hostel" before she got there so I could familiarize myself with the area and get to planning out some things to do for the short amount of time we are there.

During my last couple days in Prague I started to feel a sickness coming on and it totally kicked my lungs ass! Every night for roughly 3-4 nights I would have coughing attacks, coughing throughout the day and night, having to blow my nose a million times a day and at night, not being able to taste or smell, and was really drowsy.

This put a damper on my whole experience in Munich.

Because beer was so cheap in Munich, it was hard for me to NOT drink beer but I knew I had to do it because alcohol does not help my immune system for fighting a cold...

The first night in Munich, after having traveled 7.5 hours on a bus with my Mexican lesbian friend I had met in Prague, I ended u getting 3 liters of beer from the hostel and got fairly tipsy... I couldn't resist good, cheap beer. I did some writing while drinking that night, so it didn't go to waste at least!

The following morning I felt pretty crappy, like I knew I would, and finished a blog post I was working on from the night before.

I met up with my Mexican chick friend and her Mexican guy friend, who was randomly in the same room as her and they were from the same city in Mexico, to go walk around Munich a little bit today.

They both walked so slow, I constantly ad to stop and wait for them to catch up to me. It was freezing that day and there was snow on the ground and fountains were frozen over. We walked by Marienplatz which is the main area where the dancing clock tower is and all the fancy shops. We then headed over to the farmers market type place where they had a big sign saying Rheinghestabot, which if you don't already know is the old German purity law for brewing beer that states that beer can only be brewed with malt, hops, and water, and later added yeast to the law.

We headed back to the hotel after grabbing some KFC, because it was the cheapest thing we could find, and walking around in the cold for a few hours. I took a nap for roughly 3 hours when we got back, I was still feeling pretty crappy.

After waking up I met my Mexican friends downstairs and hung out with them for a couple hours. We hung out for about an hour and a half before wanting to go grab some more food, he didn't want to spend any money so her and I went to the same Italian restaurant across the street from our hostel and got another pizza, just like we did the night before. After eating we went back to the hostel to hang out before I went upstairs at around 10pm and said goodbye to my two Mexican friends. I passed out after watching a couple episodes of Rick and Morty on Netflix.

I had one more night left in Munich and decided to go out around the city by myself.

I went out to a different part of Munich I hadn't seen yet and walked around that area for about an hour or two. I snagged some food and headed back to the hostel to take another nap and try to get even more healthy before Kyrsten would arrive the following evening. I woke up from my nap and walked around the city for another hour and a half by myself, trying to find new buildings and experiences before heading back to the hostel.

That evening I came in to the room I was staying in and there were three young college girls studying abroad that were pretty cool and decided to grab one beer downstairs before going upstairs to our room play cards with them and our olderish Greek friend who is now living in Amsterdam and works for

At about 11:15 we all hit the hay.

The girls left early the following morning and I had to leave that morning too. I packed up all my things, went downstairs and paid the 5 Euro for all you can eat breakfast and had 4 small cups of coffee along with some mediocre food.

I wasn't allowed to check in to the AirBnB that Kyrsten booked for us until 3pm so I had to wait to leave the hostel until 2pm so I just worked on my computer for a couple hours. Then I took the metro to a far-ish stop to then have to walk 15 minutes to our AirBnB. On the path to the AirBnB I had 3 tall boys of beer. I was feeling pretty good around 3:30 when I finally got in to our penthouse AirBnB in an apartment complex after aimlessly walking around trying to figure out where it was.

I check in around 3:30pm and felt really cool because there is only a handful of times on this whole trip I've had the freedom of a whole place to myself.