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Venice, Italy

Sometimes life gives you vodka with those lemons we find on the ground. Take advantage of those times but learn to find peace when you don't get the vodka. The reason I got this little tattoo on my finger is to remind myself that I can't take life so seriously all the time. Learn to laugh in difficult scenarios.

After Florence, Italy, my buddy Liam and I made our way up to Venice, Italy, my first water based city I will have ever been to.

When I was in Florence, my next step was to go to Bologna, Italy, where they have some of the best food apparently. I started looking at hostels and the price of transportation to get myself from Florence to Bologna.

The cheapest hostel that I was able to find in Bologna was roughly 25 Euros a night, and I wasn't willing to pay that much per night so I ended up bypassing Bologna on my way to Venice.

Liam had pre-purchased his Euro Pass for the fast train before he had arrived in Europe so all he had to do was pick a destination and hop on a fast track to wherever. I on the other-hand had to figure out if I wanted to take a train or a bus, what the destinations were, the prices, the times, if there was a place I had to switch buses or trains, and trying to figure it out on the way. I ended up taking a train from Florence to Venice.

I get to the train station and instantly have to ask the Italian workers what platform my train was leaving from. I ended up making the train but I didn't know it was more of a commuter train, so it was packed. I had my huge back, backpack, as well as my front backpack.