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Edge Brewing In Barcelona

If you have been following my journey, you know that I've set foot in Barcelona over the past few days and had plans to go meet up with the head brewer, Riley, over at Edge Brewing in Barcelona. On Tuesday, I walked a good one hour and 45 minutes from the hostel that I was staying at, barely making my way there with no cell reception or wifi, having to understand more Spanish then I know, speaking to a gas station (which are more rare in Spain then USA it seems like) attendant, eventually stumbling upon this door entrance as you see in the picture above at Edge Brewing Barcelona.

As we rang the doorbell to enter through the front door of the brewery it looked like it was just a small brewery/taproom, but then we walk through the main office and in to the back where it really opened up! It was totally unexpected! We were told to wait while the head brewer, Riley, was retrieved.

Riley shows up and takes us in to the back where they had beer aging in whiskey barrels from USA, a giant beer cooler stored with pub kegs, which in Spain is the main form of distribution of kegs, not stainless steel, bottles of beer, and way too much hops!

They also have some beer aging in wine barrels for sours that they have.

The tap room is in the back near the outdoor patio and the old underground bunker used to store ammo and guns during the Spanish Civil War that will eventually be turned in to a special party section of the brewery.

Once we were given a little tour of the brewery and some beer in our glasses, we step foot in to the production facility where we were amazed with the several, what I thought was 30bbl fermenters, 60bbl fermenters.

Those were some big old alcohol producing stainless steel monsters! I was used to my little 7bbl fermentors when I was working at my old brewery!

There were two men working on bottling some raspberry milk stout when I walked in and gave us 2 bottles of their underfills. That beer was very good by the way! I think It should have been aged out way longer, but for the young stout, it was very good!

After seeing most of the brewery, Riley leads us to the mill/malt room that has an auger leading the crushed grain from the mill to the mash tun.